Al Riyazi Umrah Tour Organiser Pvt. Ltd.


Al Riyazi Umrah Tour Organiser Pvt. Ltd. started services in 2010; We have evaluated and made intensive research in Haj and Umrah field, focusing on providing best possible services to the revered guest of ALLAH at Al Riyazi Umrah Tour Organiser Pvt. Ltd. We are a dedicated team fully committed towards providing specialized services based on our motto, “To excel in the field”, to the extent that nothing can be even remotely comparable to our services. Our motivation stems from the adherence to the norms of hospitality and excellence.

In all these years we have always tried to create Kaiflyat of Haj or Umrah among our Hajis and tried to make their pilgrimage easy and comfortable by providing necessary services. In all these years we have always offered accommodation very close to both the Harams (Makkah and Madina) and catered three meals to Hajis. We have always given what we have promised or uttered. Those who have joined us bear testimony to our services.

Our CEO's visionary customer service & STAFF training is the reason for our continued success. In our endeavor to provide diversified travel needs of our customer at one location, we offer visa services, transfers, travelers Insurance, travelers Cheques, etc. The following are the trademark of our TEAM:


* Friendly and courteous service
* Fair and honest treatment in all customer transactions
* Quality of all products and services
* Guaranteed satisfaction of every transaction

In addition to these, we offer different Hajj & Umrah packages to suit client schedule and budget. We have fully trained consultants ready to service your every travel need.